一から手作りを学べる 個別オーダーメイド レッスン

At Ivy’s Kitchen, guests will learn to make all types of dishes from scratch while sampling a variety of ingredients. Pick up your favorite dishes or let us know your special diet, we will guide you on a delicious adventure!
I am currently working on my third book, Made In Taiwan (Simon Element) with talented freelance journalist Clarissa Wei, whose writing has been published in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, VICE, National Geographic, Smithsonian Magazine, etc. For more information about her,

Made in Taiwan: Recipes and Stories from the Island Nation

Made In Taiwan, celebrating the island nation’s unique culinary identity, is an earnest reflection of what the food is like in modern-day Taiwan from the perspective of the people who have lived there for generations. It is the story of a proud nation ~ a self-sufficient collective of people who continue to forge on despite unprecedented ambiguity.


“This is the story of a culture, a people, a community, a destiny, and an identity, told through recipes . . . alongside some of the best writing on the subject of all things Taiwanese. With Made in Taiwan, Clarissa Wei has created a true rarity: a deep dive that serves us on so many levels. Take a long swim in the superb food, clarity of exposition, exemplary storytelling, and inspiring insight. This book is a must-have for any home cook, food lover, culture geek, or curious reader.” —Andrew Zimmern, TV host. available for pre-order


Good friends travel together, find something to do in common, share joy and travel experience, explore culture and food tradition, connect people from the world.

Give a reason to buy a cooking class as a present for good friends. Celebrate a special event among the friends.


When parents let go the kids to learn new technique, they will be proud of kids’ boldness, adventure, concentration, and achievement that kids can cook as good as adults.

Family travel together is about caring, sharing, having fun and educating.


Team building, bridal shower, or birthday party all need good food for celebration.

Cooking competition is the best way for team building. Bridal gets the best opportunity to sharpen her cooking technique. The birthday star can enjoy a special party that friends cook for her/him.


Traveling alone always has the best story to tell. Independent well-planned or free exploring journey makes life so different.

Private one on one class is the best way to understand a new culture and food in a unique and cordial conversation atmosphere..


Hi! I’m Ivy, a cooking teacher in Taipei, Taiwan. If you're curious about Taiwanese/Chinese cooking culture, join me for tons of culinary fun! Together we'll explore the great traditions, styles, and depth of Taiwan gastronomy.

popular dishes

Pot sticker (Fried dumplings)
Beef noodle soup
Kung Pao Chicken
Xiao Long Bao (pork)
Pineapple cake
Three cups chicken


All classes can be conducted in either English or Chinese in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and are customized to fit your culinary level. Please choose one of the set menu or combine any three dishes from the category.

Private Cooking Class

Tailor-made and hands-on.

Fresh Market Tour

Best traditional market in Taipei.

Food Adventure Tour

Street food and restaurant in Taipei.

We recently visited Taiwan where we took a private cooking class with Ivy Chen for two days. Ivy was happy to arrange for us to cook a lot of different recipes that we requested - she's very knowledgeable! On the second day she took us to a nearby market where we purchased local, organic ingredients that we used in our recipes. We had a great time, cooked quite a variety of dishes, and enjoyed it tremendously! After we returned home to the US, she e-mailed us another recipe that we had asked her about while we were there. It was really nice of her to follow up! The next time we visit Taiwan, we'll be booking another private cooking class with Ivy Chen!

Peter G – from Boston, Massachusetts

I took Ivy's class summer 2013, came all the way from Hawaii to learn Chinese Medicine Cuisine. I was very lucky to find her through the internet! The calls was my special request and she gave immediately agreed to teach such a unusual cooking class. Her knowledge of cuisine is amazing, I could learn so many things through her class. The field trip, shopping at local markets and in her kitchen, every moment was so exciting, fun and serious! She has a wide variety recipes of Chinese and Taiwanese and at any level of cooking. I am sure you can enjoy her classes a lot. Highly recommend taking her class if you are in Taipei.

Yasuko – from Hawaii

What I like about Ivy's cooking class is that Ivy is Taiwanese, married to a Taiwanese and owns her home. So, when you go to her cooking class, you get to see what a Taiwanese home in Tianmu looks like - as well as learn about Taiwanese cooking - or any other cooking because she is very diverse in her ability. She publishes cooking articles for several magazines in Singapore and I believe in Taiwan, but the fun part for my family was the class. The cooking was hands on, we learned a lot and her fun, lovely kitchen was designed by her daughter. She was very gracious accommodating our dietary needs as well.

Rhonda – from Maine Brunswick

“ An Unforgetable Expereince! ”

I spent 2 days at Ivy's Kitchen. I stayed at the Dandy Tianmu (top hotel in Taipei on Trip Advisor) which was only a 3-minute walk to Ivy's. Ivy is so kind and warm, but also so knowlegable and enthusiastic about cooking. I know I made a friend for life. You couldn't ask for a better and more personal experience in Taipei. Give it a try, you won't reget it.

Vanessa K – from Tokyo, Japan