Gem of The Cooking Class in Taipei

private cooking class

7 Reasons to choose IVY’S KITCHEN

Reason 1

Step into a Taiwanese home and learn authentic Taiwanese cuisine with traditional cooking gears. We will show you how Taiwanese welcome visitors with a tea ceremony to express our hospitality.

Reason 2

The menu is customized for you, so you don’t need to compromise with other people’s choice, or feel awkward with different level of cooking experience. This means you get far more for your money than other available courses.

Reason 3

More than 8000 guests from the world choose us. Ivy has culinary training background and has 32 years cooking experience, and 20 years experience of teaching expatriates living in Taiwan.

Reason 4

All of the classes are hands-on and made from scratch. We offer printed English recipes in the class.

Reason 5

Ivy’s Kitchen is located in 5 minutes walking distance by the best traditional market in Taipei. Both of the market and Ivy’s home are wheelchairs friendly.

Reason 6

Ivy’s Kitchen also issues a voucher as a present to your beloved family or friends.

Reason 7

We are the most popular class by family, bridal shower, and professional chefs from the world. That means we can manage cooking technique to different guests from zero to profession.

You are free to choose any three dishes from MENU.

Pricing - private cooking class

Two adults group
Three adults group
Four adults group
Five adults group
Cooking class
NT$4000- /per adults
NT$2700-/per adults  ($5400- for two)
NT$2500-/per adults  ($7500- for three)
NT$2200-/per adults  ($8800- for four)
NT$2000-/per adults  ($10000- for five)

Fresh Market Tour

A market tour takes about one hour in addition to a cooking class. The fresh market tour is available registered with a cooking except for every Monday and some festival holidays.

Ivy’s Kitchen is located at an international schools area in Taipei. The best traditional market is just in five minutes walking distance from Ivy’s kitchen. Shopping in the bright, clean and air-conditioned market feels like walking into the fresh produce farms. Join our cooking class and market tour to sample 
and savor the true Taiwanese flavor, and experience Taiwanese hospitality!

Pricing - fresh market tour

Two adults group
Three adults group
Four adults group
Five adults group
Market tour/per person
NT$300-/per adults
NT$300-/per adults ($600- for two)
NT$300-/per adults ($900- for three)
NT$300-/per adults ($1200- for four)
NT$300-/per adults ($1500- for five)

food adventure tour

All the best Taiwanese food stands are established around the traditional markets and temples. Discover the oldest area in Taipei city. We will sample food from street to restaurant.

Pricing - food adventure tour

The price example (All food cost is included):
Two adults group
Three adults group
Four adults group

4~5 hours Food Adventure Tour (16:00~)

Food adventure tour is taken place in the afternoon from 16:00 and takes 4-5 hours from an evening market to a night market and end up at a Hot Stir Fries restaurant. Ivy’s Kitchen holds the decision of the route when clients reserve the date.

Please email Ivy’s Kitchen if you have different requirements.